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Advanced Invoice Processing

Are you still processing your incoming invoices manual

  • utility bills
  • credit card bills
  • telephone bills
  • service bills
  • etc

Let our software take care of it.

  • regardless of the industry
  • regardless of your enterprise information system
  • Available in all relevant languages

We don't diversify - We focus
We focus to ensure that our clients get the best recognition software in the market. 
The number of our installations speak for themselves.

Automated recognition of all forms by FormsRec®

That was yesterday

  • quality forms
  • maintenance on machine forms
  • HR forms
  • purchasing forms
  • etc.

It cannot be any easier

Lowers processing costs and speeds up operations. Modular and expendable up to a mailroom application for any company size. Typewritten, handwritten, tables, check boxes and barcodes can be recognized.

FormsRec® can recognize any type of information regardless of its medium or format.

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Automated processing of electronic invoices

It does not get any easier

In today’s business world the number of incoming e-mail invoices is steadily growing. FCI's automation of invoice reading includes not only converting paper into data, but PDF and Fax as well.

FCI can process PDF invoices from all relevant e-mail applications.

Incoming PDF files and images will be automatically processed without any additional administrative effort.

Invoice reading without disruption of the flow.

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